Computer Curriculum, Hardware Discussed at Technology Forum

The Fox Chapel Area District Forum held its meeting on February 14 to present an overview of the use and incorporation of technology into the curriculum in grades K-12.  Approximately 60 parents, residents, school board members and school and district staff attended.

Megan Cicconi, Director of Instructional and Innovative Leadership for the district presented the district’s overall vision for technology in grades K-12.  She then discussed the computer science curriculum in all grades, the hardware strategy behind the curriculum, how technology is being integrated to support and enhance learning and the science curriculum in the elementary schools.  Michael Hower, Fox Chapel Area High School Lead Principal, explained the hardware being used at the high school level and availability of devices and access to the Internet.

A tour of the high school Fab Lab, which is in the process of being certified as a MIT Fab Lab, showcased one of the many ways the district is incorporating technology into the classroom. Attendees were presented with a Fab Lab created Valentine heart as a keepsake.

The meeting concluded with a Q & A session with Cicconi and Hower. Deputy Superintendent Dave McCommons, Executive Director of Secondary Education and Instruction Matt Harris, and Dorseyville Middle School Principal Jonathan Nauhaus contributed answers.

Cicconi has made her presentation available here: District Forum Technology in FCASD (1) 

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