Emergency DF event next week to address State bill threatening radical cuts to FCASD funding

District Forum has become aware of proposed radical changes in how education is funded in the form of Senate Bill 76 (SB 76). While bills like this have been proposed in the past, there’s evidence there’s more momentum for it this year. Proponents for the bill tout property tax benefits by altering how Pennsylvanians fund schools. Our own research and discussions with the FCASD administration have led District Forum to conclude that FCASD would be detrimentally impacted by these proposed changes. Unequivocally, for our children, SB 76, if passed, would have dire and almost immediate consequences to the quality of education that could be provided in our district.

Losing local control of our tax dollars will end popular programs like Camp Allegheny and virtually guarantee class size increases. Our school community’s future planning will center on reductions in programs and facility expenditureselementary school consolidation and redistricting students becoming a real possibility. Discussions of investments in technology and the STEM curriculum, expansion of the foreign language program and other enrichments will disappear as money dissipates—which it will under the proposed plan. It is safe to say that under SB 76, FCASD’s future will be very different.

Fortunately, SB 76 has not been approved—YET—and it is not too late for our community to voice our concerns to our legislatures. That’s why we are inviting all stakeholders in FCASD to attend an EMERGENCY District Forum Meeting, Tuesday, January 31 at 7 p.m. in the High School LGI Room (by the entrance with the Fox Statue). We urge everyone to come learn the facts about the proposed funding changes and how best to act in the interest of our children.

Please see the attached flyer about the upcoming event and share with any interested parties. For updates on this topic and more information, please visit www.foxchapeldistrictforum.com, follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/foxchapeldf or email fcdistrictforum@gmail.com.



6 thoughts on “Emergency DF event next week to address State bill threatening radical cuts to FCASD funding

  1. Do you have a link to the exact current version of the bill?

    Everything I see is from 2012-2013 and neither HB76 or SB76 are on the docket for this session.

    So I’m wondering why this is an emergency meeting at this time?

    What am I missing?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, Bill 76 has been presented to both the House and Senate in the past—hence HB/SB 76. Although the bills may very slightly between houses, the essence remains largely the same. Here are links to prior versions.

      HB 76 2015
      SB 76 2015

      Yes, this is an emergency! District Forum has been provided with a copy of a memorandum put out by Sen. David Argall, Sen. Mike Folmer, Sen. Judith L Schwank, Sen. John T. Yudichak, Sen. Mario M Scavello, Sen. Scott Wagner, Sen. Lisa M. Boscola, Sen. Andrew E. Dinniman stating their intent to reintroduce the bill which, “will be similar to Senate Bill 76 of 2015.” Per their memorandum, if passed, their proposed radical funding changes will take effect June 30th of this year.

  2. You can read the bill here, and it is worth looking over!!:

    Note that this bill removes the sales tax exemption for groceries, except for foods listed on the WIC list, which is a very limited and specific list (of draconian and mean-spirited “necessities” for people on welfare). Foods that are NOT on that list include, among many other things: anything organic, yogurt in small containers, cheese sticks and cheese cubes, goat’s milk, cider, reduced fat peanut butter, canned green beans…it’s a long and complicated list, but basically, many of the groceries you buy today without paying sales tax will be taxed under this bill.

    You can find the WIC brochure here: https://www.pawic.com/documents/Food%20List%20English.pdf

    In addition, this bill imposes sales tax on: clothing with a sales price of more than $50; sports and theater tickets; and many other items. I believe this bill also adds an additional state sales tax to your cable/internet bill.

    This bill could have a real detrimental impact on the arts in our community as well as on schools, increasing the price of dance, symphony, and theater tickets by 7%.

  3. Will you be posting the materials presented at last night’s forum online? Specifically, the first power point presentation given by the AIU representative?

    Thank you

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